Thursday, 25 July 2013

3D Printing Systems Making Life Easy

Duck Gets prosthetic 3D-printed foot
Just imagine that you want shoes or some car part and you are making it at your home. It has not remained mere imagination but in coming time this is possible with advanced 3D printing technology. Are you surprised? Know about what 3D printing is and how this technology is becoming feasible and affordable to realize 3D designs into 3 dimensional objects.
3D printing technology is not recent evolution but it was in use since 1990’s. However, earlier it was very costly and slow process, so its usage was limited. The advancement in 3D printers and technology made it possible to minimize printing costs and investments in printers as well as to increase speed and accuracy.
Today, 3D printing systems show a wide variety of printers operating with different printing materials. The range of 3D printers includes professional/ commercial printers to home units for hobbyists. These printers can provide 3D objects varying small to large sized 3D objects.
 How 3D Printers work?
The 3D model designs stored in the form of digital format using CAD or other design software are given to 3D printers. These printers can recognize this digital image and slice it into thin surfaces. The special 3D printing materials like ABS plastic are used for 3D printing. The printing is carried out in terms of thin sliced surface. The layers are deposited one after another till the 3D object is formed. 3D printers show a wide variety in terms of printing materials, resolutions, print finishes etc.
Now, you must have understood how 3D printing has brought magical change in making 3D models/ prototypes essential for industries. Even enthusiasts can make their designs and print to get 3D object. So, the days are not far long when you can print your shoes or car part or make simple accessories at your own. 3DigiPrints is one of the leading 3D printing solutions in India. It provides 3D printers and printing services online. For more information, you can visit    

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