Tuesday, 6 August 2013

3D printer For Jewelry – Revolution In Jewelry Industry

3D Printed Jewelry

Are you a jewelry designer? Then you must have experienced a moment where you had thought of realizing your design into 3D form. For artists, designers, architects, it is a common thing that, if their designs can be turned into 3D format, they can be more appealing and giving realistic idea. In jewelry industry, design is a crucial part of jewelry making. Today, designer jewelry has great demands. 3D printing technology brings excellent solution for all. Now, you can realize your jewelry design into 3D form with all minute details and accuracies.
Yes, 3D printing technology has changed tremendously improving all facets such as quality, speed and cost associated with it. Nowadays, you will find a 3D printer for jewelry encompassing all specific requirements of jewelry designs.  Project 3500 CPX Max is one of the printers used for jewelry designs. This printer provides wax model of jewelry design. It incorporates all micro details to give fine structure jewelry model. So, developing a prototype is now easy and fast.
In this modern era, contemporary jewelry has gained immense popularity. The feature of this jewelry is its range of materials used for it. From wood, plastic to glass, almost all materials are used to create contemporary jewelry. That is why; 3D printing solutions are providing great benefits to design and create contemporary jewelry. You can design earrings, bracelets and using 3D printing system, you can create it with printing materials like ABS plastic. These printed objects are ready to wear jewelry and you can produce it into mass quantities for sale. So, take advantage of this 3D printing revolution for your jewelry business. For more details, you can visit 3Digi Prints, authorized dealer offering 3D printing systems and services.