Monday, 26 August 2013

3D Printing – A Quality Product Over A Traditional Printing

One of the hottest technologies in printing arena is 3D printing. It has been proved as a major entity in the view of speed, quality and accuracy. In this process, 3D solid object of any shape can be created from a digital model. The printing technique uses additive process wherein object is sliced into thin horizontal layers and these layers are printed one after another. The technology is consider distinct from the traditional printing which is rely on the removal of object by methods such as drilling or cutting. 

The 3D printing technology is used for prototyping as well as distributed manufacturing with applications in construction, architecture, automotive, industrial design, jewelry, medical industry, and more. 
  •  Some advantages of 3D printing :
Unlike traditional printing, 3D printing creates many complex structures. The use of 3D printing takes visual design from computer aided design or animation modeling software that resulted into creative the successive layer that produce the complete model.

Most vital part of 3D printing is its cost effectiveness. This can be achieved through need of less human resource and sometimes more reliable or cheaper raw materials.

3D technology helps you to attain a quick production compared to the traditional printing. This also leads to save the massive cost.

3D printing renders a quality material. By obtaining the virtually three dimensional model, one can attain a better quality product over normal print.

Today, it has become very easy to attain great accessibility of 3D printing. However, the reliable and quality 3D services are making a difference while offering quality product to the customers. In this endeavor, 3Digiprints services play a key role while rendering quality 3D online printing to the customers.

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