Tuesday, 24 September 2013

3D Printing Applications

One of the easiest and effective ways of creating prototypes is 3D printing. With its speed and accuracy, 3D printing technology helps to attain quality models for you. Due to its amazing features, the span of 3D printing technology is expanding rapidly. The technology features wide array of applications. These applications have proved as a great help in various sectors such as architecture, jewelry, fashion and more.  These applications reveal the efficiency of the 3D technology and make you thing in a different way that leads to generate innovation.

As we know about the efficiency of 3D printing technology, it would be exciting to see the wide range of applications of the technology. The applications of 3D technology vary from some industrial products to homemade designs. It depends on the commercial and personal 3D printers available in the market.

Below are some of the prominent applications of 3D printing technology:
  • Architectural designs and landscapes 
  • Decorative articles  
  • Models for teaching 
  • Prototypes of toys 
  • Electrical appliances 
  • Preparing jewelry 3D models as prototype
Apart from the above mentioned applications, 3D printing features more applications that in which any 3D design can be converted in to scaled 3D object.

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