Sunday, 22 September 2013

Color 3D Printing – A Way Of Beauty And Innovation

Color 3D Printing
Do you know the features of color 3D printing? The color printing adds more value to the 3D printing. It is also known as inkjet head and powder bed 3D printing. It is a process of which is performed by addictive manufacturing technology that produces the objects described by digital information. The new full color 3D printers deliver almost everything that exceeds your expectation. Whether you need beautiful assemblies or full-color models that move ahead to attain finish product, the 3D printers delivers everything.  From picturesque color imagery to the striking architecture models created with the help of 3D printers communicate design intent more effectively than the traditional printing. The technology is quick as well as affordable.

Some major advantages of color 3D printing :
  • Great aid for innovation.
  • Quick service that help to print prototypes in hours.
  • It is accurate. It gets feedback, process designs and repeats the cycle until deliver the perfect output.
  • It identifies design errors at very initial stage.
  • Provides realistic 3D models to the focus group.
  • Reduce the traditional tooling and prototyping cost.
  • Generate affordable prototypes in very early stage of ideation.

If you with to bring innovation and wish to create something exceptional, 3D printing can help you in your endeavor. As one of the reliable 3D printers and printing services in India, 3Digi Prints offer you the high quality 3D products and 3D printing services in affordable prices. 

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