Saturday, 14 September 2013

Industries Flourishing With 3D Printing

As a great help in manufacturing unique products, 3D printing technology is gaining momentum and exploring the whole world. The technology is getting popularity with its amazing features which give you easy, accurate and fast output. Today, many 3D printing services are helping private as well as industrial sector to avail a quality 3D printing services and products. Beside the industrial use, the technology can be used for home based applications to various commercial applications. Since decades, the scientist and architectures were used the technology prominently than any other professionals. As the technology renders several benefits for business sectors which include cost effectiveness, the 3D printing technology is being used in various industries.

Below are major industries using 3D printing technology:
  • Construction and architecture industry
  • Landscapes and architecture designs
  • Electrical appliances companies
  • Advertising agencies
  • Product development agencies
  • Jewelry Industry
  • Fashion industry
Apart from the above mentioned industries, the technology is being used in several other areas as well. These areas include small design firms, furniture industry, designers devising models in specific industry etc.

Major advantages of 3D printing: 
  • Easy availability of printing devices and services
  • Variety of printing materials suiting different applications
  • Affordable cost of printing
  • Speed and accuracy
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