Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Touch The New Heights In Architecture With 3D Printing

3D Printing for Architechture

If you see any phenomenal architectural work such as noticeable building or its architectural intricacies, you might see 3D printing applications all around you.

You might have heard about the 3D printing from newspapers or television. It is a machine, something like a Star Trek Replicator that creates objects from the thin air. This wonderful machine can print plastic, nylon, metal and over hundreds of other materials. This machine is known as 3D printers. The technology of 3D printing is called as an addictive manufacturing through which one can produce 3 dimensional solid object of virtually any shape.

Use of 3D printing in architecture renders great benefits by enable architecture to form quality models that leads to create great architectural manifestations.  The 3D printed architecture models provide quality opportunity of to retain the finest details of the final plan while reducing number of steps and improving design time. Also, the parts created by the 3D printers are robust, durable and highly detailed.

For a long time, computer simulation has been used in the field of architecture. Also the visualizing of various architectural entities were being done with the use of traditional way such as scale models made up of foam board or wood. These models used to help architectures to see how the building would stand in physical space and rectify the issues. 3D printers combine the accuracy of computer and high tangibility of scale model. Now, with the help of 3D technology the architects can produce high quality models that reduce their efforts and help them to produce quality end result.

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