Thursday, 7 November 2013

Benefits Of Architectural 3D Modeling

Architectural 3D Modeling

Various modern constructions and buildings rely on the construction documents. These documents are supplied by the contractor. The contractor prepares these documents by using computer based programs such as STL (stereolithography file) and various other things such as working drawings, contain plan, bills of materials and other related information. All these information plays a very crucial role in architectural function as well as in marketing the final product and cost estimation. 

Going with the conventional methods, architectural design and planning needs lots of efforts that include many man-hours to produce a useful construction document. In today's competitive era, where everything needs to be quickly delivered, it is very important to attain quick results to survive in the competition.  Architectural 3D modeling plays a prominent role in reducing a large amount of man-hours and gives you quick and quality results. Using 3D modeling techniques you can save time and efforts as well as generate useful 3D models that satisfy your documentation and marketing need.

A quality 3D architectural model includes various designs, all the 2D data, documents and drawings that help the designer to produce the required plan very efficient with details.

Here are some of the prominent benefits of Architectural 3D modeling :
  • Produce high quality models for any type of construction or building. 
  • Check the errors that might occur during the design process.
  • It is an efficient marketing tool for architecture business. 
  • You get quality end product by reducing the errors in the process of designing.
  • Cost effective solution.
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