Monday, 16 December 2013

3D Printers Related Information, Benefits

3D Printers are today’s printers and are used to print three dimensional objects. The technology is making rapid advancement in the field of technology. 3D printing is very different from the traditional printing techniques. This printing is done by a different printer called as a materials printer which was available commercially since the year 2010. The printing technique is a process to make the 3 dimensional objects from a digital file. In the year 1981 the first 3D printer was made by Hideo Kodama.

This 3D printing technology is done with no hassles and is the most used technology today. Most of the largest brands today like Nokia, Coca Cola and EBay use this technology for their printing. It has less complication than any other method. The 3D printing services can be used by leading professionals today like fashion designers, architects, educational institutes, engineers, design studios, product development companies and corporate.

There are two high definition printers which are used for 3D Printing. Projet 3500 is industries most advanced printer equipped with high definition performance and quality and ProJet 1500 has a sleek industrial design to complement your office or work space and easy to use and network ready.

Benefits of the 3D printers are:-

  •     Innovation in Technology
  •     Lesser time in printing
  •     Reduction of costs
  •     Can make better designs and products
  •     No storage costs
  •     New employment opportunities

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