Wednesday, 25 December 2013

3Digi Prints in Association with 3D Systems Revolutionize the Personal Printing Industry.

Personal 3D Printer

We at 3Digi Prints are aspiring to exploit all possible probabilities in the 3D printing industry. Our aim is to provide the best and most consistent, and trust worthy service to our clients. No matter what your design, you dream of it, conceptualize it and we will print it for you.

3D printing is for everyone; our extensive range of 3D printers has one for each and everyone. We have for your home use, educational institutes, for your office to huge industries to hospitals to research centers. As per your needs and your budget you can pick one.

Our team is set to bring in more and more affordable means of printing for all. Today 3D printing has become so inexpensive; we have a long list of personal 3D printers for your personal use.

  1. CUBE- One of the leading printer for home or office use, this s the only certified printer for home use. Cube gives the advantage of faster printing and printing more materials with ease and comfort. Its intelligent cartridge system identifies different materials and doesn’t need its settings to be reset every time
  2. PROJET 1000- Prints 5 times faster than any other printer in the group of personal 3D Printers. Perfectly suited for personal office use as its intuitive web browser helps in shared access for your entire office group. Its shiny and sleek design is definitely going to compliment your office.
  3. PROJET 160- Perfectly ideal for personal business and educational institutes, this is a highly efficient reliable and affordable printer for printing monochromatic 3D models.
  4. PROJET 1500- Most efficient color printer in its category. This printer prints 3D color print outs in 6 colors of durable plastic and that too 5 times faster than any other printer. Its intuitive web browser and network ready program helps in shared office access.
  5. PROJET 260 C- Ideal for schools, colleges, fashion houses and creative business this full color printer is class apart. Most affordable in this category and offering the same simple and easy to use facilities like PROJET 160.

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