Tuesday, 24 December 2013

3Digi Prints Strive In Giving Their Customers Best Service In The Printing Industry

Our company 3Digi Prints is India’s first on demand printing service at your door step. Our company is an authorized reseller for 3D Systems and our aim is providing affordable and most progressed 3D printers and 3D printing services.

Our work staff is loaded with one of the best and most professional people from the printing industry.Our expert knowledgeable staff is well trained in making accurate 3D designs of your model and delivering them to your door step. We aspire to gain the conviction and confidence of our clients that their designs are absolutely secured and save with us. Each design is saved on highly protected and secured servers. Each design is saved with a password lock and cannot be misused with.

Accuracy is our main motto, our printers are amazingly advanced, and they will map your model drawing and print a precise and perfect 3D model of your design.Our services are very useful if you are from the fashion industry or architecture industry and so on,  our 3D prints will give more realistic dimension to your designs making it easier for your client approval.

Registration on our site is free, all you need to do it fill up the online form, and once you have registered with us you can upload your model design which we make a 3D print of keeping the accuracy in the dimensions and specifications intact.

Your design will be delivered to your threshold and you can pay only after receiving your 3D design. For customer satisfaction and because we endeavor to give our clients the best service we will deliver your first 3D design sample absolutely free of cost.

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