Tuesday, 10 December 2013

3D Printing Technology And It's Advantages

3D Printing Technology:

Today 3D printing technology has changed the process of producing colour prints for the professional world. It is much more effective to view a designer coloured and stylish outfit in a colour 3D print than a black and white print. High quality printers are used to print high quality material. The 3D technology use various printers but with unusual features. The 3D printing technology works in the below way –
  • ·   To print a 3D picture an object should be build in computer(STL file)
  • ·   This image is later scanned and converted in a 3D model
  • ·   The format carries out 3D printing as usual
  • ·   The picture is then cut into hundreds of pieces through a software
  • ·   3D printer then assembles the picutre to form a 3D object

Advantages of 3D Printing:

The use of 3D printing has been beneficial to several companies. It has resulted in improving –

  • Communication – Colour print, 3D model is more effective and influential than a computer image. Printing 3D prints is easier, even improved designs or corrected data can be later re-printed in no time.
  • Material – Various applications require different printing material, and 3D printer offers facilities to print on crystal plastic, hard plastic and many more.
  • Costs Savings – Usually production houses have facilitites to print 3D stuff, the 3D printers reduces the cost of to and fro to production houses. It uses modern 3D printing ideas and eradicates traditional ways of printing. Rework is avoided as slips can be identified before printing.

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