Saturday, 14 December 2013

Use Of 3D Printing and Its Applications

Use of 3D Printing:

3D printing technology is used by leading fashion brands to showcase their work. The 3D printing work has its own appeal and it attract eyes; hence it gains prompt popularity between all age groups. Jeweler designing professionals conduct marketing for their expensive jewel collection for their high end consumers. It becomes mandatory for them to allure enthusiasts with big and colorful banners which can be printed with 3D prints. 3D printing technology is also used in making toys; also 3D printing is used in medical industry where body parts models are printed to refer while doing surgeries.

Applications used for 3D Printing:

There are some prominent applications which are used in 3D printing. Some of them used in jewelry designing are solids cape 3D printers, patterns for lost wax investment casting, bench top milling system and 3D models for prototypes. One of the perfect ways in 3D printing are used in jewelry technology is is prototyping and tooling. A primary model is created through 3D printing, through which a silicon or wax mould is prepared.  This new way of 3D printing has eliminated time consumption. 3D technology always requires expertise and attention to detail. It requires technical knowledge which is applied to the specified industry like jewelry, medicine or architecture as it helps in 3D printing. Today 3D printing is used by major industries like advertising, product development, architects, builders, jewelry designing, designers, cake studio, electrical appliances companies and many more.
A range of 3D printers is available in the market which can be used for commercial and personal use. These printers differ on various factors such as colors used for printing, cost of material used, printing speed, cost of printing, choice of material used and rate of printer. One can visit and simply register by selecting Register option from main menu to get a free quote on your requirements.

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