Monday, 13 January 2014

3D Printing Just Not Confined To The Earth

3D technology is no more just confined to the earth it has spread far and wide into the horizons of the space. NASA and other agencies working on aeronautics are working towards excessive use of 3D printing technology for all their new inventions and concepts.

NASA has been triumphant in their progress, they are making towards their 1st ever rocket made out of parts made from 3D printing technology. The largest rocket to date built using 3D printed parts endured the foremost hot fire test as off now.

The rocket engine injector made out of 3D printing was successful in propelling 10 times more power than any other injector ever made using the same technology. The injectors used in the RS-25 engines of NASA were designed by 3D systems, and the injectors went thru 11 hot fire tests, and they reached close to 6000 degree Fahrenheit a break thru for a model made out of 3D printing technology. Marshall Engineers awed at the injectors and were proud to announce how fabulously the models worked in comparison to the earlier used conventionally manufactured injectors. To get more updates click on to

Rocket science and 3D have joined hands and now there is no stopping, expansion and progress will now have no boundaries. 3D printing has gone beyond the stipulated horizon; no one could ever imagine how implausible this technology could reach and how much it could benefit man kind and our future inventions. 3D systems know how and their impeccable services are a boon to every industry has it is the most efficient way to cut down the cost of production and it has bought in a huge revolution in every era especially the aerospace. Everyone is looking forward to SLS in 2017 when NASA will successfully launch its first ever heavy rocket made out of parts using 3D printing technology.

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