Friday, 10 January 2014

3Digi Prints Professional 3D Printers Transforming Your Ideas Into Reality

ProJet 3510 HD
An actual model of your idea right in front of your eyes is what 3D professional printers are doing for you. An idea which has generated in the confines of your office, you print it using one of the most efficient professional 3d printers of 3 Digiprints and you have a plastic life size model of your design, these models can also be used as sample working parts for your design, this facilitates you from doing a performance test of your product or your machinery or your design all sitting in the confines of your office.

3D professional printers are a huge way in cutting cost productivity of your company.
Listed below are few of the professional models of 3D printers- 
  • ProJet 3510 SD- If you are engineering or a mechanical industry, this 3D printer is what you need.
  • ProJet 3510 HD- Perfect for high definition multi-jet printing this printer is ideal in saving for cost saving in production thus help you yield higher returns on your investments.
  • ProJet 3510 HD Plus- Yields unmatched high definition models of your design, way more upgraded than the ProJet 3510 SD as well as ProJet 3510 HD, its definitely the best in its category f delivering incomparable 3D model with unsurpassed micro detailing and quality.
  • ProJet 3500 HD Max-if you are looking for high speed printing and durability of model then look no further. The icing on this cake is its connectivity to smart phones, tabs and I pads making it so accessible and easily operational.
If none of the above high end 3D printers seem to gain your attention we have a lot more in store for you, so keep your eyes on our site for more information on 3D professional printers. The list doesn’t just end here there is a lot to follow soon. Incase you have any queries on what suits your company requirements you aren’t able to take a call on it your welcome  to send in your queries to us and we will be happy to assist you with your needs. 

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