Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Industries Where 3D Printing Can Be Used

3D Printing Technology:

The 3D industry is fast growing and the new technology is exercised by various industries like automotives, electronics, toys, advertising, industrial design, aerospace, military, civil engineering, biotech, medical and dental, footwear, education, eyewear, information systems, food, architecture, clothing and fashion, jewelry and manufacturing.

Here are some examples where 3D printing is used by various industries.
  • · Fashion Designing – The world of fashion is using the 3D printing technology with creation of 3D dresses, shoes, bikinis. Amongst the top brands Nike is using 3D technology to manufacture sports clothing.
  • ·  Medicine – 3D printing is used by various branches of medical science like orthopedics and dentistry. It is used to create human organs, finger, ear, kidney, body braces, used for jaw transplants and livers. It can be tailor made for patients as per their needs.
  • ·  Housing – 3D printing is used by architects to design walls of a house. This concept of walls printing is gaining popularity in the 3D world.
  • ·  Food – Food industries uses 3D printing to print company names & logos, chocolates, any product existing in powder or liquid form, cheese, sugar, pizza, sauces, pasta, eggplant dishes and many more.
  • ·  Military – The 3D printing is used in producing complicated spare parts in machineries used for military. Many parts of the machinery are customized as required. 3D printing is used to produce machinery parts in remote locations.
  • ·  Toys – Toys manufacturers will see a revolution in the way children play their toys. With 3D printing children can download 3D files for games and toys they want to play and customize as they require.
  • ·  Jewelry – 3D printing is used in Jewelry designing to create custom made jewelry like chains, neck pieces, bangles and bracelets which required long duration and complicated machinery to produce jewelry.
  •   Automotive – 3D printing is used to create automobile spare parts, complex parts of high end cars and helmets for bikers. It can also manufacture specialty and luxury cars.

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