Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Is Sky The Limit For 3D Printing Technology?

As 2013 came to an end the 3D printing industry has evolved to its peak at least that what we thought. But 2014 looks like a more promising year in 3D printing; this industry is growing leaps and bounds and had gained its strong hold in every possible industry. We had fashion shows last year where models walked with 3D printed sample clothing’s to a first ever walking 3d printer built Geoweaver. And now when we are in just the first week of 2014 we hear for the first time ever parts made by using3D printer technology used for flying sample RAF fighter jets. I mean WOW, what more and where do you think we can go with this technology.

Not just fashion, aeronautical, mechanical, engineering, architectural but even weapon and arms industry is depending heavily on this printing technology, fag end of 2013 saw the plastic 3D model of the gun being replaced by the 3D printed first metal gun.

What do you think what and how many more wonders is this 3D printing technology going to show us? Randomly give us ideas on how far your imagination can go using 3D printing technology.

Just an update before your imaginations runs wild we are already getting news on 3D printing technology crossing the sky and making space the new limit. Do not draw a limit, imagine beyond belief lets see how far fetched and beyond horizon can your thoughts and ideas go, where 3D printing technology is concerned.

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