Saturday, 25 January 2014

Use of 3D Printing In Construction Business

3D printing is also called as additive manufacturing. 3D printing is a process in which a three dimensional object can be made or manufactured with the reference from a digital model of that solid object. 3D printing techniques are different from the traditional techniques. This technology is used worldwide today in almost all industries. Fashion, Media, Medical, Healthcare, Construction, Mechanical Design and Education industries have seen immense changes and development due to the 3D printing techniques.

Construction industry has seen new architectural applications of the 3D nylon technology. Adrian Priestman, a British Architect claims that he has installed the first 3D components that have been approved by the construction industry. The future seems too good with a lot of 3D printing technology used and it is said that these techniques can be used to construct buildings in less than a day. A new robotic extruding method, called as Contour Crafting will be implemented and will be able to solve largest problems that the construction industry is facing. Stilt the technology is not available for the outer world, but it is expected to reach the market within the next 2 years. Contour Crafting is expected to solve the housing problems for millions of people worldwide. Today, we are facing a lot of challenges in the construction business due to the inefficient labor, slow construction ad is also known as the most dangerous job in the world with so many accidents happening on the construction sites every year. Today the Z printers can produce models that are used in the construction, Architecture and Engineering industries. They are made fast, inexpensive and easily and most of the Construction firms have implemented the 3D printers as a part of their routine as this technology can reduce costs, speedy construction, innovation and improves the quality of construction.

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