Sunday, 26 January 2014

Use of 3D Printing In Fashion Industry

3D Printed Dress
3D printing has made a revolution in the fashion industry worldwide. Today hats, dresses, headpieces, belts and even shoes are made by the 3D printing technology. These printers build tiny layers of material like plastic or metal and are widely used by the new generation designers. 3D printing is an innovative idea which has endless possibilities in the fashion world. Big names like Hot Pop Factory are using the 3D technology to make jewelry, New Balance is making shoes and Ron Arab is making Sunglasses by using the 3D printers. But what is the use of these accessories without designer and fashionable clothes. Continuum, a clothing company located in San Francisco was the first to make clothes that was made by using the 3D printing technology. The website was used by the customers to choose the bikini designs and colors they need and they specified the measurements. Then the company used nylon material to make the apparel and custom made clothes were delivered to all their clients.

Catherine Wales, a British designer is well known for making masks, apparel and accessories out of the 3D printers. The merger of fashion and 3D printing was happening recently and it is believed that it will change a lot of things in the future in the fashion industry. The 3D technology has taken fashion to a new dimension. Traditional fashion designing was done by using threads but the 3D printing techniques is not limited to the thread stitching. The designs and the fittings get better day by day as the technology progresses, said the New York based designer Mr. Bitoni who is using the 3D printing technology since the year 2007. The main advantage of using this technology is the reduction in the production time and costs, innovative designs and one can recycle the product.

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