Tuesday, 11 February 2014

3D Evolution Influencing Hollywood In A Huge Way

Hollywood Loves 3D Printing
Hollywood's fascination for scientific movies has always been very evident. Their monster movies or their Alien movies, their science frictions are known for their visual effects. 3D Printing Industry has contributed a lot to the Hollywood Industry and that too in an inevitable and a huge way. In recent times, the use of 3D technology to create monsters, robots, hi-tech gadgets, aliens is very apparent and so is the use of materials like silicon rubber and plastic to create life size creations of all of the above is phenomenal.

3D printing is the fastest and most cost effective way of creating these monster, alien, robots movies like Hobbits, Iron Man, Avataar, Avengers even the last Harry Potter movie had 3D printed creatures and creations. 3D printing has reduced the cost of production to an alarming level. As now mock ups are made from 3D prints and once approved only then the final drafts are made; and if any changes then it is done faster as all it needs to be done is in the computer not thus saying the cost and time not like earlier, where props using clay models was used and if changes needed then the entire project had to be dumped and restarted from scratch.

In the recent Harry Potter movie the big old spider which was a part of the earlier series was needed again, but this time a smaller version, thanks to 3D printing the process was shortened to a great extent as all that needed to be done was reduce the dimensions of the earlier spider and then just scan and print it using a 3D professional printer and the mock up was ready.

Hollywood is already looking at more and more involvement of this technology in their high tech movies with more materials available for printing, for example the entire Iron man costume was printed at one go using metal as the material for printing rather than earlier gruesome time consuming process of printing each part and then assembling them.Be it Avenger series or the Iron Man or Hulk even the most well made Avataar have been made using 3D printing technology.

China based company few months ago also announced how they will be making exact replicas of the Iron Man costume for all the Iron Man fans at a wooping price of 35000$ using the same 3D technology which was used to create the suit in Iron Man 3, and if the price is too much then you can easily opt for the Iron Man helmet made out of 3D which is selling at a reasonable price of 200$.But sadly the Iron Man costume idea had to be canned because of the trade mark issue but if the idea is hit then surely someone will start using it again only a matter of time when we can not only enjoy tour classic hi-tech scientific movies, but also enjoy wearing their 3D printed replica outfits. As i always say this technology is beyond the horizon and there is not way of curbing it now.

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