Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Hershey Converts 3D Printer to Chocolate Vending Machine

Imagine yummy candies being printed out from your printer, Yumm!!What else can any candy lover wants? A chocolate vending machine sounds super cool!As it sounds to us, i am quite sure no mom is going to like it. As it is worldwide every mother has a tough battle to fight against chocolate being a child's favorite food and now to make life even easier for kids and the battle tougher for a mother, 3D Systems in collaboration with Hershey is already working towards making a printer that will print edible candies.

Chocolate making could never get easier; all it will now take is a design the chocolate shape and then just hit the "PRINT" button.Reading this blog has definitely got a huge grin on every chocolate lover’s face.

3D Systems in January announced how they were keen on developing the chocolate printer,this printer is sure to take the food industry by storm as it will be an efficient way to produce edible candies and other food products at relatively low cost. Hershey being the 1st in the confectionery industry to tap this technology looks at 3D printing to bring in a new and revolutionary way to improve their manufacturing system for their products.

Mr. William Papa of Hershey in his statement was clear how they looked at not only forming a whole new candy, but also changing the old traditional way of manufacturing the world famous chocolates.They are keen to embrace 3D technology and create more and more of their superb candies through 3D printing. They are looking forward to take their timeless creation of candies way forward into the future, but it just doesn't end there. They not only are making edible candies, but also in the future are working towards making non chocolate edible food products through 3D printing.Chuck Hull of 3D Systems has always said how important it is for them to mainstream 3D printing and their association with Hershey, who is a global leader in chocolates and confectioneries is a huge step forward in mainstreaming 3d printing technology.

Just when we were to recover from the shock of 3D printed chocolates, to add to our surprise is Pasta maker and spaghetti slinger Barilla, who has too announced that they too, are working to develop a 3D printer that could print the pasta of your choice plus they plan to put up this pasta vending printer in every Italian restaurant in the coming years. Barilla along with TNO a research company in Netherlands is working hard and fast to develop their dream printer. TNO is not a new name in 3D printing technology they have been working in and around 3D printing for far too long now and their hard work and research definitely is awaited.

Never the less it’s a matter of time before we will be gorging over 3D printed edible candy bars and candies, I am certainly looking forward to it.What's your take on 3d printed food??

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