Monday, 3 February 2014

Make Your Own 3D Object

It is a world of 3D technology and almost everyone knows about its uses and advantages. This technology has made a revolution in many industries and has changed the traditional ways of doing things. Unlike pen and paper, a 3D printer prints thin layers of a material to make an object. The dimensions and details of the object are received from the CAD file to the machine. Today there are countless things that can be made from the 3D printing technology and it has been used worldwide in different fields. Today most of the people from Fashion, Education, Medical, Healthcare, Building and Construction and Manufacturing use this technology. Lots of advantages come with this technology like lesser labor costs, time saving, better designs and colors, recycling and faster manufacturing. Using this technology anyone can make their own 3D project as per their requirement.

Making 3D toys is very easy. One has to design the toy on the computer and he can create a real object in less than 20 minutes. The machine first needs the model that it should print. Computer has many programs to design these toys like Google SketchUp and TinkerCAD. Other people designs can be used also for free. The printer has a small thread or a layer of nylon that is present in the nozzle and the plastic cools as it comes out of the nozzle and takes the shape of the object. The machine knows very well when to move the nozzle in which direction as per your instructions. This 3D printing technology is around for last 20 years but now even a common man can buy this machine and get it at home for approximately $1200 and can print things of his wish. Though it is not cheap but at least it is available in the market.

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