Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Evolution of the Selfie: Now in 3D

What is Selfie?

Don’t get confused by the word, Selfie is nothing but a self photograph. Selfie is taken by a mobile camera or a hand held digital camera and is taken at an arm’s length or in a mirror which normally include the photographer or a group of people. The group of people are called as group selfies.  Selfies are casual photos and due to the boom of the social networking technology, selfies are a common part of every person. Selfie was the word of the year in 2013 and has been included in the Oxford English Dictionary.

2013 was not only the year of Instagram, but we saw a lot of changes in technology like the photoshoped models and animals, clever advertisements and blogs. But still, a 3D selfie gave us a new word. 3D selfies are possible today with the 3D printing technology with the help of a Microsoft Kinect application and with the help of the Artec Group. This application scans the body and then transfers the image to the Xbox screen. After this, one has the choice to print it or figurine it with approximately $59. These 3D selfies come in a standing posture with a plastic bottom.  One who is interested in using the application needs to download it on the computer and then using the “Capture” button may start scanning you. Follow the instructions as you need to stand at a distance from the camera. The image is captured in different angles. Latest technology 3D printers are used to print these selfies. To get the latest development and a wide variety of printers, visit the website . It can give a wider approach about the user manuals, variety of printers, latest software’s, order supplies and other information related to the 3D printing technology.

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