Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Today's Lifestyle is 3D lifestyle

3D now is an essential part of your life, every field they have created a niche for themselves.

Earlier, we only heard of 3D printers creating ripples in the Architectural Industry, the Robotic Industry, the Aeronautical Industry, the Mechanical and Electrical engineering industry. But now it has entered every single hemisphere.Be it in the fashion industry in which the age old sewing machine have been successfully replaced by 3D printers. Every major fashion house in Europe is successfully creating 3D print designer outfits for their label.2013 was a witness to the 1st ever 3D printed clothes fashion show.

Food Industry was shocked and fascinated by Hershey's tie up to print 3D edible candies and best is they aren’t going to be sticking only to chocolate their vision is to make all kinds of appetizers using 3D. This Valentine 3D Systems Sugar Lab gave us the perfect way to say "i love you" with their 3D Printed chocolate rose . This rich chocolate rose was a product of sugar printers that were launched at the CES 2014. Chefjet and Chefjet Pro are the 2 sugar printers that will soon be the reason for the evolution in the chocolate and candy industry.

Needless to say 3D lifestyle has already formed its strong position in the food industry, be it 3D printed chocolates, pastas as off now what more is to come is definitely looked forward.

Jewelry designers all over the globe be it huge design houses or small jewelry designers 3D has changed the game for them completely. 3D has made it easier and faster to make the casting pattern of the jewelry. The annual JUNVEX JEWELLERY FAIR that was held in St. Petersburg, Russia on the 5th to the 9th of February was a showcase for SIU Systems 3D printers for jewelry. SIU Systems is 3D Systems official reseller in Russia and they attracted all the attention of the visitors as they proudly presented Projet 3500 CPX printers, this high performance printer is known for its accuracy in creating precise wax casting patterns. JUNVEX was also the platform to launch the micro-SLA professional 3D printer called Projet 1200.

3D Systems is an advanced technology and their in house designer houses are creative geniuses, when abundance creativity and unlimited technology come together everything is possible. Since 3D Systems has best of both the worlds, the creative and the technology world under the same roof, creating new and new possibilities is a challenge they take upon themselves every single day.

3D Systems has created a bench-mark for themselves, they want to test how far they can go to create and amplify the 3D lifestyle.

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