Monday, 3 March 2014

3d Printing is it a Life Saver or Life Doomer only time will tell.

When i read reports in 2011 how an infant was saved using 3D printing technology it made me beem with pride, the news mentioned how  a 1 and half year old baby who was suffering from rare case of tracheobronchomalacia was saved using a 3D printed lung splint.

The story goes that the general treatment for the baby's condition which the doctors followed was to do a tracheostomy and then put the baby on ventilator but that treatment failed as nearly every single day Kaiba's  (the 1 and half year old baby we talking about) heart would stop beating, his failing health forced his doctors to use 3D technology which did work as a life saver at least in Kaiba's case.

The 3D lung splint was the brain child of Glenn Green and Scott Hollister and at that point it was just ready and still to be tested but being the only option to save the child it was used and it did help save the baby. When traditional medical treatments failed the doctors turned to 3D printing technology. What leaves me complex is this technology which paved way in the 1980's today has become a necessity , every day millions of people are being diagnosed with deadly diseases as well as serious health issues like heart liver kidney failures and with medical science using 3D as a way to create replacement organs  only to save lives, is changing the entire course of medical science. It looks like a scene right out of an hi-tech science fiction Hollywood movie where you see them creating the impossible. But now all this is happening for real and not just for the reel life.

In the past i have gone through so many news clips mentioning how a 3D printed implant has been used to save humans, this technology is now soon gaining momentum as a lifesaving technology.

The truth is  with the good definitely bad follows same way 3D printing is proving to be a lifesaving technology but when you hear of guns and weapons being made form 3D then it jolts you that one way this is making stuff to save your life and other way they are creating stuff that will take your life.What is to come only time will tell but what definitely is true is that life is definitely changing for the better or the worse only time will be able to judge.

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