Wednesday, 5 March 2014

3D Systems and Samsung Partner for CES 2014 Booth Engagement Experience

Mobile Technology has seen a tremendous revolution in the past few years. The Consumer Electronics show, which is organized every year in Las Vegas features all the best gadgets which has some extraordinary features and are ready to launch in the market. The Consumer Electronics Show this year has showcased a 3D experience by launching the Booth Engagement.

Samsung has developed an application that enables the users to design their own 3D coins. These coins will have the facility to print them through a professional printer and can insert them in the Galaxy Note Cases. Samsung and 3D Systems have merged for this Booth Engagement for the Consumer Electric Show in Las Vegas. Samsung will also explain the features of the device and will show a live demonstration of how the device works and how it is easy to create something creative with the new design ideas using the 3D technology. It is an advantage for all Galaxy Note users as the coins can be printed with the 3D printer.  The entire event for also videos that will demonstrate the functioning and Samsung will be showcasing it. The merger with 3D Systems proves that Samsung is empowering towards a bright and technological future. 3D systems provides top to end solutions in the 3D printing industry. These products can range from designing to manufacturing till printing solutions. This method of 3D printing has replaced the traditional printing methods and has a lot of benefits as compared to the old methods. They are very fast and can rapidly design saving a lot of time. Also the 3D technology can create; design and manufacture things using thin layers of different materials and one can recycle them again into different things. The merger of this 3D system with Samsung will hopefully see some other future generation technology advancement gadgets.

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