Wednesday, 19 March 2014

3D Systems brings new technology in the field of dentistry.

3D Systems is one of the leading providers of the 3D solutions that provided end to end solutions for all the 3D printers requirements.  A lot of industries use today the 3D printing techniques and products as they are beneficial in many ways. 3D Systems provides a lot of solutions related to designing, manufacturing and providing custom made tools.

The company has launched the its 3510 projet printer which can make custom made dental drill guides which makes the dental  material which is available in the clear and plaster mode. This technology is capable to print the dental implant print guides which can provide digital dental solutions with a dental drill guide. This solutions is extremely accurate and it is designed with the help of digital scan if the teeth.  This technology is designed for the drill guides and edentulous drill guides. This technology has made the difficult dental cases very easy and these guides provides full knowledge and information about the drills and due to the 3D printing techniques the patient has to be fully sure about the implant. The benefits of the 3D printing dental Implant Drill Guides are the reduced chair time, it has the lesser turnaround time, it is not expensive and no dental kits are required, detailed visualization of the case, optimal implant position, precise and accurate results, flexibility and provides strength, better patient communication and reliable treatment and the procedure is done by the experienced staff and dentists who are well qualified and experienced to perform the procedure.The time and cost required is very less as compared to the other solutions. The impact of this dental drill has a high impact on the dental industry and can have an easy process and guide to perform the procedure. 

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