Monday, 17 March 2014

Designing custom made parts for Hollywood

3D printing, designing and manufacturing has shown its ability in different fields and the services are widely available to most of the industries today. 3D systems is one of the most advanced and innovative company which has provided its expert services to many people across the globe. With its perfect design to manufacturing solutions one can make anything with this technology by replacing the traditional methods with a lot of benefits to it. The printing solutions are also available with the facility of printing real parts.

The recent industry where 3D Systems have proved its skills is the media and films. The Oscar nominated movie has some credits with the use of 3d systems and their technology. This time the movie makers have used the rapid prototyping technology to make some props very fast. The 3D thriller and fiction movie features George Clooney and Sandra Bullock which has won many awards this year. As the movie is based on a space mission a lot of special effects which are designed by Frameworks, a company based in UK. The movie required a lot of parts which were not possible to deliver in a very fast turnaround time. The movie makers worked with Quick parts to make the helmets for George Clooney and Sandra Bullock as manufacturing the hand crafted helmets was a very costly and time consuming option. Quick parts used the 3D Systems and SLS printing technology to design and manufacture them in a very less time. These helmets were custom made for the actors as per the size and it was a perfect fit for them. 3D Systems hence proves that technology has made a revolution and have proved that these straight out of the machine parts are very useful, reusable and very strong. 

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