Thursday, 17 April 2014

3D Printing and its Impacts on Manufacturing Industry

3D printing has been a life change for many people and many industries. We have experienced many things about how a 3D printing technology can manufacture parts we never thought a few years ago. The jaw dropping technology has been a revolution in many industries like medicine and healthcare, fashion, designing, manufacturing, architecture, construction, education, art, music and technology. It has smoothly replaced the traditional methods of manufacturing and today many industries have been using the 3D printers to manufacture things. It also has many benefits and advantages as compared to the traditional methods of manufacturing.

The next decade we can see a lot of change in the overall trends of manufacturing industry. This technology will be used more and can be the spotlight of this industry. 3D printing also called as the additive manufacturing is going to revolutionize the manufacturing trends. It will be used in more than one way and will have a lot of uses. The 3D printing can get rid of outsourcing the small parts that are required to make a final product. Recently many small parts are outsourced in one place and a final product is build. These parts can be designed by the 3D printers to save a lot of time.  This also can save a lot of inventory as these parts can be printed only if there is a demand for them and the need of warehouses and storage of parts will not be there. This technology can help to cut down the costs in a manufacturing process. The labor costs will be reduced as there will be no labor required by companies as the 3D printers can do the work alone. This can lead to layoffs and the companies can save a lot of money but on the other hand the society may have a impact due the unemployment in the manufacturing sector.

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