Monday, 21 April 2014

A Boon for Paraplegics

3D Printed Ekso-Suit
3D Printing has proved its worth and versatility one more time by making a woman walk on the 3D printed legs. This is about Amanda Boxtel who has a major accident while she was skiing and then was paralyzed. The doctors diagnosed that she could never walk again on her own legs. She said that she has been dreaming to walk one day and her dream turned into reality by the custom made ekso-suit made for her. The 3D designers have made a perfect fit using the measurement of her thighs, shins and spine. 3D Systems have come together with the EksoBionics for the betterment of the society and try something which has never done before.

This has been a new era in the world of paraplegics and a new motivation to them. The team also aimed for a pleasing design and has tried to incorporate patterns on the suit. After the design was finalized the parts were printed by using the paraplegics Systems Selective Laser Sintering Technology to achieve the lightweight and highly robust, durable parts. Amanda is thrilled to operate the mechanical actuators and controls in the suit. This suit was an example of perfect sculpture and was visually and mechanically operated very smoothly between both of them. One 15th November, 2013 Amanda got up from her wheelchair for the first time, on a stage in Budapest and walked on the conceptual hybrid robot suit made for her. Amanda was greatly thrilled and grateful to the makers. This ekso suit has been a boon for the people who cannot walk again on their legs and can be life changing event for them. This remarkable creation is real and can change lives of many paraplegics around the world. 

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