Monday, 7 April 2014

A Miraculous Transformative Device for Heart Treatment

There are some amazing transformations that the 3D printing technology has brought in our lives and the things which were unable to achieve a few years back are now printed by the 3D printing technology. These facts can be applicable for the health and medicine industry. Things which were impossible a few years ago are now possible due to the advance technology called 3D printing.

Recently a team of bio medical engineers and scientists teamed up together to create a miracle. This happened at the Washington University at St. Louis where they have created a 3D transformative device which can match the functions of the heart. There are some limitations to this device as the team says that every person’s heart is of different shape so the device could not be replaced with the heart but can be used to treat diseases which are related to the ventricle f the lower chambers of the heart. The device can also be inserted inside the body to treat many other disorders that are related to heart like the atrial fibrillation which has till now affected millions of people worldwide. The device comes with a senor to measure different things in the body after being inserted which can alert in case of any heart issues or attacks. The sensors can used to understand and study if there is any change of signs like the pulse, measure temperature, strain pH levels or alarm in case of any impending heart attack.This elastic membrane is made of soft and flexible silicon which has been matched to the shape of the heart. The team of the engineers and the scientists says that they are still way behind to design a solution for people and hopefully can success in a couple of coming years which can provide a long term solution to events like heart attacks. 

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