Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Awesome things can be printed by 3D Printers

The future can be predicted with the 3D printing technology and we can understand that the future is coming with a lot of technical advancements. Many different industries like manufacturing, designing, production, construction, medicine, healthcare, education, animation, movies and fashion have experienced the benefits of the 3D printing technology. But we don’t know that there are a few awesome things that can be printed with this technology. These things include a 3D printed jawbone which was designed for a woman, when she was asked to replace her natural jawbone. The 3D printed jawbone was printed within a few hours and was made of titanium powder. The woman lives a normal live after the replacement.  3D printed Boeing parts are used and are made by the Stratasys printers. As of now the company has made approximately 20,000 parts. An entire car is made of 3D printer and has been a record to be the one of its kind. ‘Urbee’ has three wheels and is one of the most eco-friendly cars in the world. Very soon we will be having 3D printed homes that can be printed in a day. Contour Crafting technology is capable of constructing a new house of 2,500 square foot in just one day which can be a solution for the slums and low income category people. Just visit the site for more details  

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