Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Maker spent 6 months building a 3D printed fully posable action figure

This building s named ‘Ronin’ and is made with 400 different parts and was printed separately and then assembled by hand. This is one of the action figures which is a fully posable figure. The man behind developing “Ronin” is Aaron Thomas and he has put all his effort to achieve a complex machine like robot. Ronin is 10 Inch and is printed with the help of an Ultimaker personal 3D printer. Aaron tried and tested the printer immediately after he bought and has printed several shapes and designs with it. Finally he realized that this printing is more of a prototyping. The printer is a personal printer and is not suitable for mass production. The design and printing of ‘Ronin’ was very time consuming and it took 6 months for Aaron to complete it but similar projects can be printed in the future for interested people and collectors.

Ronin has LED lighting in his body and the design is done with very detail which went through a number of alterations and changes. Then the final design was made to develop in a refined form. The 400 parts after the printing were finished with the surface putty, sanded, polished and then assembled together for a final product. Ronin was displayed at the New York 3D show last month where Aaron was very happy with his work and now he has been researching some new methods to develop similar figures which requires less time. Earlier the 3D printing was targeting the smaller figures but now smaller parts can be assembled together and the designers are aiming at achieving something new and innovative. The process of making such figures is indeed a joy but very time consuming. There has to be some more conceptual manufacturing methods to print such products in less time.
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