Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Metal 3D Printing Delivers Growth to Dental Lab

There are many developments that are happening in the technological world and 3D printing has become a rage in the recent years. We have seen and read about many 3D printed products that have replaced the traditional ways of doing things. We have experienced that 3D printing have designed prosthetics for people and they have resumed their normal life.

3D printing has printed dental prosthetics and has helped grow a dental lab overnight. This dental prosthetics is the best example of the traditional dentistry and the technological revolution. This part is printed with the help of Pro X 100 and is used widely without any twisting and deform. The part has proved its quality, accuracy and initially the price of the prosthetics was certainly a major factor. The high quality perfect part ensures complete comfort in the mouth. Before the designing of this prosthetics there were several printers that were thought, but the ProX100 had stood out and was selected for the design. The dental prosthetics were printed by using the Direct Metal Sintering technology and has reduced the turn around time.

Due to 3D Systems we have seen a lot of technological advancements due to these 3D printers. The company provides all types of printers so that the clients can design their dream products. 3D Systems are the trendsetters in providing end to end solutions for 3D printing including designing, manufacturing, printing materials and custom made parts for the most critical and complex machines. We have seen a rapid change in the trends of replacing the old techniques with the 3D printing as they come up with many benefits. Reduction of time and labor, can edit the designs, recycle the products, communicate, print real parts and the client can have a look at the future technology. 

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