Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Mykita Glasses for the most trendy and retro look

MyKita is a brand of sunglasses and eye wear based in London. They are pioneer for making the best handcrafted pieces with their own style and keeping in mind every customer’s personality. These beautiful crafted Mykita glasses have their own names like Chester, Faye, Aretha and Owen.

Mykita has collaborated with 3D Systems to make a revolution in the optical industry along with the help of 3D printing. This manufacturing revolution is the perfect example of craftsmanship, design and technology. The Mykita Mylon range of sunglasses has used this technology to make the perfect and accurate stylish sunglasses. The Selective Laser Sintering Technology is used to print them and this range of sunglasses boasts of utmost comfort, style and adjustability. The range that is available in these sunglasses is best suited for the urban hikers and mountaineers. The Selective Laser Sintering Technology best makes these frames with the best geometrical configuration. Mykita has been a trendsetter in manufacturing the state of the art and most stylish sunglasses with the help of the Selective Laser Sintering Technology and 3D Systems. Mykita Mylon has been the first ever glasses which has been the perfect blend of fashion and sports. Due to the Selective Laser Sintering Technology they are extremely of low weight and extremely robust and durable. They make a perfect sporting companion and can be a perfect accessory for the everyday use. Mykita Mylon has received a lot of appreciation and recognition in the industry. Mykita Mylon has been honored with the iF material award and the red dot design award for their design and manufacturing process. These sunglasses are very funky and have a retro look to suit everyone of any age. The designers are still trying make more out of the box designs as currently they have seven different styles but the market has just three of them.  

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