Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Practical Knowledge with 3D Printers In The Field of Education

Now a days education focuses on more practical teaching than just concentrating on theory. Understanding the concepts is much important than just reading and learning. This theory is now practiced worldwide and it is said that seeing is believing. Implementing this concept in many schools is an aim of today’s technological advancement. This is the reason many schools, colleges and universities have started the hands on experience and practical applications for all subjects.

They have introduced the use of 3D printers in their premises and have been introducing real world applications in the subjects of science, mathematics, engineering, physics and architecture. 3D Systems have made some of the extra efficient printers that are easy to operate and amazing efficient in the world of education. Most of the universities, schools and colleges have included 3D printing and their wide use and benefits in their curriculum. They have to experience the practical applications instead of understanding the functions in theory. The importance and advantages of 3D printing is great and are explained to the students. These educations institutions have been implementing the technology and some of the makers of these printers offer discounts on most of the products if they are purchased by any educational institute. The change in curriculum provides a training session for the teachers and supervisors so that they can share the same information with the students. The supervisors normally handle these machines so they are taught to handle them, change cartridges and many other functions.  Some of the benefits of introducing the 3D printing technology is that the students are prepared for their future innovations, students interest is captured as there is something creative to do, the printer provides tangible aids to work with, hands on learning by this technology and it improves interaction of the students in class.

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