Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Production 3D Printer Material

The 3D printers have taken the world to a new high of technology and futuristic gadgets which are able to print anything which we never imagined.  A few years ago it was beyond imagination to print human organs, skin, jet parts, pediatric arms, custom made prosthetics, selfies,  toys, windpipes and music boxes.

These printers need parts to function which should be able to produce with excellent accuracy and resolution. The parts that are printed from the Accura SLA material are known for the best standard in the 3D printing world. Duraform and the Castform use the SLS materials that are available in both soft and hard plastics. They are the best if one is looking for something into rapid prototyping and manufacturing applications. The wide series of printers that are available in 3D Systems provide the world class digital manufacturing to the designers and engineers of today. These 3D printing machines are the most affordable, compact and affordable that offers advance 3D manufacturing. These are made to design the dream products of every man and make an amazing unbelievable range of robust products. Some of the parts that are soft and made of molded polypropylene are very accurate and are also used for master pattern for urethane casting. These parts are made of Accura 25. The Accura 48HTR has the facility of temperature and moisture resistant.  It is used in various applications. There are many materials that are available for different applications such as Accura 60, Accura ABS Black, Accura ABS White, Accura Amethyst, Accura e stone, Accura Sapphire, Accura Extreme, Acura Peak and Accura ClearVue Free. These are among the stereolithography material selection guide. The Duraform ranges of materials are the examples of Laser Sintering. They are Castform PS, Duraform EX Black, EX Natural, FR 100, GF, Duraform Prox and Duraform PA. 

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