Wednesday, 30 April 2014

SLA and Multijet 3D Printing Technology

3D printing is future of technology and printing and it has numerous benefits. The technology uses different techniques and technologies to print things. 3D Systems is a leader in providing all types of services that range from the designing, printing, printing materials and the custom made parts for all types of machines. 3D Systems provide services and replace the traditional printing methods and saves time on printing, manufacturing, labor and designing.

SLA printing is one of the additive manufacturing methods which are used to producing models and prototypes. The technology helps to print accurate models and patterns in a very less time. The name SLA is the abbreviation for the Stereolithography which is among the most accurate and precise prototyping technologies. The Multijet printing is one of the 3D printing technologies that is used for printing high resolution, accurate and robust parts which consist of complex shapes and structures. The printing process with the Multijet printer consists of the UV bulbs and the Photopolymer material. The parts printed out of printer are very smooth and robust. Both the printing technologies are used for surgical practices and surgical guides. These methods can print personalized surgical tools that are used for treatments and can make custom make medical devices that include surgical planning and clinical transfer which involves 3D printing and modeling. The Virtual Surgical Planning is done through this technology that includes a digital model of the patient and then creating a medical plan for the patient and then printing the physical models and custom made surgical guides with the help of SLA materials. Many hospitals and their surgical teams implement and use the Virtual Surgical Planning to treat patients with extra complex and critical diseases and injuries. The SLA and the Multijet printing technologies are also used to reconstruct facial and organ surgeries. 

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