Monday, 28 April 2014

The 3D Design Prestigious Awards

3D Systems have shown us the future by some of the extraordinary printing possibilities which we could not think a few days ago were possible. The products that are provided by 3D Systems have been an excellent example of engineering and technology. They have been the pioneers in the industry by their 3D printing solutions and services. This technology has successfully replaced the traditional methods of printing and manufacturing. The benefits of 3D printing technology is reduce the time and cost of designing and manufacturing, saves time on labor, print parts that are extremely complex and critical and with perfect accuracy and expertise.

3D Systems have received one of the most prestigious and innovative awards for design in the category of communication devices/equipment for home use. The award is called the “Good Design Award” and the company received it for the year 2013. The award was given by Japan Institute of Design and Promotion. Japan established this award in the year 1957 and has been start for the evaluation and encouragement of design. The award invites various design applicants across the world from a wide range of industries and every year they award 1000 entries out f the 3,400 applications. The Cube is the first printer that is very safe and can be used by any individual or for a home use. Even children can use it as it has all features that very easy, consumer friendly with an attractive, sleek and contemporary design which has a touch screen facility. The Cube received the awards for “Good Design Best 100” which is awarded to the excellent 100 designs that are selected from all of the recipients. Cube can fit in any room as it is very compact, print ready, extremely portable   and weighs 9 pounds. Visit here 

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