Thursday, 3 April 2014

World’s First 3D Printed Bikini

N12 has bagged the first place to be the first ever 3D Bikini in the world. The bikini is completely 3D printed and is a ready to wear clothing. It has been on the stands and is available for purchase from the Continuum’s Shapeways Shop. Earlier there have been many experiments done on the 3D clothing that was pure for experimental purposes and was not available for selling. N12 is the first one which has been able to make it to the markets. N12 name is kept after the material that was used to print the bikini. Nylon12 is material used and it makes the Bikini completely waterproof and an ideal swim piece. The material of the bikini is very comfortable and it gets more comfortable when it gets wet making it a perfect swimwear. The bikini has numerous circle patterns on it and they are made to adapt to any surface or curve of the body. This can be a good example when it comes to the future designing of the clothing. The bikini can be custom made only after the measurements and the body scans of the person to fit her exactly. The Rhino 3D CAD software has been used to design the best clothing piece with lots of complex algorithms and a circle parking equation. 

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