Friday, 2 May 2014

3D Printer just right for your Home, School and Office

3D printing has taken the world by its rage and is used in ever industry globally. The prices of the printers have also reduced and bow it is affordable by everyone. The technology is very new and it should be used in schools and colleges. The students need to be educated about its use and benefits.
1. Most of the people use these 3D printers at home and they are tech savvy or innovators. There are many 3D printers that are all rounder and can be used at home, office or schools. They are Cubify Cubex, Cube and the Ultimaker 
2. The final product of the printer is depending on the level of skills of the person who operates the printer but don’t let that stop you from trying new things.

There are a few things that should be considered while selecting from the above printers.  They are the features of the printers like the size, speed, quality, tolerance, print size and resolution of the 3D model. Then check the filament and cartridges of the printer as ABS and PLA is available commonly. The ABS is almost like Lego and PLA has a choice of colors and does not need a heated print bed. PLA is the common most type of material that is very glossy and is used by Hobbyists on a large scale. Printer design is the important aspect and the school, office and home should have space to keep it. The included accessories of the printer like the USB cables, manual, Maintenance tools, power supplies and filaments and cartridges.   Help and support will always need as it is a 3D printer and the user may need help, tutorials, blogs and forums at the initial stage. Email and phone support is available and the above printers are worth trying in the house, school and office. To know more about the different types of 3D printer visit 

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