Wednesday, 14 May 2014

3D Printers can help solve crime

3D Printers can help solve crime
There are so many uses and advantages of 3D printing and we have seen its use in different industries. But there are some unique ways the technology is used and has many uses if this one is possible. School education is the most important part of the child life and the schools around the globe are going through a lot of technological advancement which can benefit the child.

There are many colleges, schools and universities that have added 3D printing and the technology in their curriculum and use the technology to explain different subjects in a practical way. Recently in North Carolina, Richmond County Schools have introduced the technology and that too in a much unexpected way. The school has various clubs where the students work in teams but one of them which is the Schools district’s Teen Scene Investigation (TSI) has joined hands with educator Jeff Epps who will explain ore about the 3D printing technology and explain the students of the club about how to apply the 3D printing, scanning and software for the crime scene investigation. These students believe that 3D technology can be a great way to preserve evidence from the scene and have researched about the digitization of the finger prints and then was printed with the help of Cube 3D printers. After the STL format of the fingerprint was sent to the printer, the actual model of the finger print was obtained. The team of Teen Scene Investigation also experimented with the foot impressions and said that this is a great way to explore and understand the crime scene investigations procedure. The actual 3D printed finger prints can be touched and seen. The technology makes the students understand things which were not possible years ago. Get more news realted to the 3D printing goto 3DigiPrints newroom

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