Monday, 5 May 2014

3D Systems Provides Integrated 3D Scan Based Design

Recently 3D Systems have announced the launch of its Geomagic capture which is the first Integrated Scan Based Design and Inspection Solution which is a must have tool for all engineers. Geomagic is a powerful 3D scanner and software systems that allows the CAD input and send it in the product development. This system can capture the most accurate and precise data with the help of blue LED technology and can catch 1 million points with a very less time and can create the exact details to the maximum accuracy.

This system has radically lower cost than any other professional 3D scanners and has most of the technologically advanced software’s. The product quality has improved and for the first time we can ensure the exact accuracy and ease of use at the same time.  Geomagic is powered by the proved technology which utilizes the industry leading Geomagic and Rapidform.  These two industry leaders have combined for the first time to be a part of 3D Systems and focus on the best, most powerful and easiest Scan Based design software technology with the tried and tested scanned hardware. Geomagic is very small and very powerful system and that has the blue LED light that help in creating highly accurate models which are CAD based. It is a very simple, plug and play system which is very compatible with the existing CAD design. The CAD plug-in and the standalone software both are used to quickly and easily make models from the scanner. The Geomagic is made to create different models of a wide variety and meet the consistent demanding application in the market. The scanner is highly precise and is a high definition scanner that has the ability to measure the 985,000 points per shot in just 0.3 seconds and has an accuracy of 60 to 118 microns. 

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