Wednesday, 7 May 2014

3D Systems Provides Students with Disabilities : Access to 3D Printing For Assistive Devices

3D printing has always come up with some extremely innovative ideas in the field of medicine and health. They have printed these designs and have proved that 3D printing can change lives of people which were not the case years ago. It has improved the everyday life of patients with the 3D printed objects. 3D printing has printed objects which have assisted people with physical disabilities and the project is called as “Engaging People with Assistive Technologies”.

There are many people in the world who are suffering from numerous disabilities and find it difficult to perform different things. People who suffer from Muscular Dystrophy find drinking difficult from a bottle or a glass even with a straw. CubeX printer has been very innovative in printing the 3D straw holder which helps them drink from any bottle. This design was made and printed by a 21 year old student from the Hereward College who has printed a useful implement for him. His name is Ollie Baskaran and he is very happy about his innovation and has claimed that the technology will open up many new ideas to the people with disabilities and will make their life easier. Russell Smith, his tutor has guided him to print a straw holder which is shaped like a cork stopper with a hole in the middle and disabled people can enjoy drinking from any bottle without moving the straw. Ollie’s dream project has been funded by the University of Warwick. Ollie has said that if 3D printing was not there, printing his dream project would have cost too much to design and implement in real life. The Cubex printer was donated to the Warwick’s project and the University it thankful to 3D Systems as it will give an opportunity to all students to extend their skills and increase their interest in science. Want to print any 3D objects contact here  

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