Friday, 16 May 2014

CubePro™ - Personal 3D Printer

CubePro - Personal 3D Printer
CubePro is certainly the next gen printer which offers different advantages while printing like strong and long lasting products with faster printing, more accurate prints, stabilized print mechanics, and easy to change cartridges and long life of products. The printer works on the work smart play hard and print productive slogan which has a largest in class build platform and provides high resolution and quick set up for printing. Cubepro prints any product 2.5 times faster than any other printer for anyone.

Cubepro has the best controlled print environment which guarantees the best accuracy and reliability of the print and the best professional quality every time a product is printed. The printer also has automated settings that make the printing at home, office and schools safe for anyone anywhere.  The Triple color and dual materials along with thousands of options gives an impressive output to the product. The printer is one of its advanced ways as it can be operated with an inbuilt Wi-Fi which can be controlled by an Android application from your Smartphone. The Cubepro 3D printer is a beast which has a large capacity and can have prints in three different colors, multi layers of different materials and large in capacity. The printer has a touch screen display and the starter kit of the printer comes up with 25 free designs. The printer has insta-load cartridges that save a lot of time in switching or changing colors. 3D Systems advise all customers to recycle all unwanted prints and filament cartridges.  A power saver proprietary print pad is the one which saves power in the printer in Cubepro which is not included in any other printer. The empty cartridges in the printer can be sent back to 3D Systems and in exchange the customers can get a discount on the new ones.  

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