Tuesday, 17 June 2014

3D Printed Collector Toys

We all feel that something should be collected at some point in time. Actually we did it in our childhood. We loved collecting shells, stamps, stones and many interesting things. But then now we lost in our stressed lives and forgot our collections. But humans have a tendency to collect things as their hobby, profession or our past time. The things that we collected show us our personality, interest and desires.

Parents and elders always think of gifting something special to their kids and 3D printed toys are the answer to their gift ideas. There are amazing ranges of collector toys that are 3D printed and are a perfect possession. The Monstermatic Monsters is a collection of monsters which are very funny and interesting. This collection is based on the game of Monsters. The EGO range has small figures called as Mr. Pops that can be twisted at the torso and their knees can bend. They are green in color and have a frightened expression.  Neo Ego is the same collection of toys with mini colorful figures in blue and pink with nothing printed on the face. The Modibots is a famous collection of extraordinary creatures and you would crave of getting more than one. The character with the blue and orange color body has a shield, mask and a sword in his hand. Apart from this, Robot’s army which is 3D printed, Balloon toy car, zig zag zog, hockey net, bumblebee hands, Minifig, Crazy colored Pill, The decidium, Modibot shield kit, bulldogs, turtle wayne, Omnom paperclip folder,  dinosaur set, sling shot, Rock shooter head, poseable figure kit, rocket copter and some amazing robot and transformer figurines can be printed. Customized sports figurines can be printed and gifted. Other parts like the chess pieces are commonly printed by the 3D printer. The list and the creativity are endless when you own a 3D printer.Get 

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