Thursday, 12 June 2014

3D Systems is going to FIRST Robotics!

There is a great new talent and a pool of opportunities in the young generation and a whole new world of possibilities in the different fields can be expected. This was the reason 3D Systems decided to provide approximately 450 3D printers to the First Robotic Competition. The sponsors of this competition were the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and U.S Department of Education. This is happened for the first time in the history of all competitions that 3D printers offer a large number of their best printers to the participants.

FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is the international High School robotics competition event in America. Teams from different countries participate in the competition. Teams from Turkey, Australia, Israel, Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom, Brazil, Chile and Netherlands come and prove their talent and innovation in the field of robotics. The entire Cubify software design suite, Cubify design, cubify invent, and Cubify Sculpt was donated to the participants. Cube is one of the award winning 3D printers of the lot. They are known for their best print quality and detail, easy to use functions, safe operations guarantee.  The company also distributed some cloud printing coupons too. 3D Systems feels that they are great full to be a part of the competition and feel that the young ones should enable to achieve the future skills in the present with the freedom of technology. These 3D printers will work as a tool box for all participants and they unleash the new talent and creative edge within. The judges and the company are very excited to see what the participating teams come up with the help of a joint effort of 3D Systems.  This is the best example of how 3D printing technology can merge with education industry to make a new tomorrow. 

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