Wednesday, 11 June 2014

CubeX™ Personal 3D Printer

CubeX 3D Printer
There is no looking back when you have a Cubex 3D Printer with you. The printer has some of the best features and quality that could leave you speechless. The printer gives printing in more than one color. Professional printing is available due to its advanced settings that can print some of the best solid objects. The size of the object can be as big as a basketball and anything smaller than that. 3D Printing in multicolor makes the printing interesting and innovative with the Cubex Color Software.

The ABS and PLA material allows the printing in 18 colors with the Cubex and the kit contains the free license of the Invent Software and material to get the hobbyist in you started. A single click can make print the design of your dreams with easy touch screen interface and amazing quality. Professional print geometries can be achieved with high quality without any professional training on the 3D printer. Anyone can experience a new innovator in you with the comfort of being at home with the Cubex around. The Cube Experts are there to help you and solve all your queries at the support number. The conversion software which is complimentary with all Cubex printers is available and it helps the layered slices ready to print the object. It is a easy to use interface and has very clear instructions. There are default settings for all Cubex 3D printers and they can sense the slightest change in the printer. The printer can print customized objects as per the demand and also has a built in file STL file within the printer. The printer is capable of printing in multiple materials to create the object that you always thought of. The printer is best suited for home and office needs. 

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