Saturday, 21 June 2014

Future Trends in 3D Modeling - Smartphone’s and Google

It is expected that the technology will impact the world’s infrastructure in a big way. The search giant of the world Google is trying to give his devices a 3D vision which is a revolution in its way. Though it is in a very early phase but the idea has introduced in the Kinect Xbox which comes with a 3D scanner. Google has stepped into a new world and now is working on the Project ATAP which is the Advanced Technology and Research Group and are developing a new Smartphone which can convert the surrounding into a 3D printed world. This phone will have a double video camera and will be capable of sensing detail measurements each second and sending the updates to the phone. A solid support of the hardware to provide position and orientation will be needed to achieve these 3D This project once completed can be very helpful to the street assistance, visually impaired people, and gaming and for shopping support. Such applications are the need of the hour for people who are visually disabled and will prove as an evolution in the current Smartphone capabilities.  The Kinect’s 3D scanner cannot get any decent scans as it was not made to get scans but used more in the video game functions. These game functions do not need accuracy and so the 3D scanner in the kinect has some limitations. It is also expected the Apple may launch their phones with the 3D scanners in the future. 
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The future seems very bright with the 3D printing technology has stirred the market. The technology has showed some of the advancements in the industries like production and manufacturing and there have been new trends expected in the future with the computer aided 3D modeling.

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