Saturday, 7 June 2014

Save Energy with 3D Printing

3D printing will change the world that is for sure but we also know that it will help us in saving energy and expect a less pollution.  The 3D printing energy is normally done in the manufacturing process and few pieces of raw materials are required. There is a series of children blocks that are printed with the 3D printer and it can be fitted in the interior of an item. All this is done when the plastic item maintains its original shape.

These blocks when used on an item release less carbon dioxide. “RecycleBot” is a 3D printer that is developed to turn he waste plastic into the filament that can be used at home. Waste plastic jugs are transformed into the filament and by this process the cost of buying a new filament is reduced and works as a plastic extruder that can transform the waste into the plastic filament and natural polymers. This printer can transform the waste by 70 to 80% where there is no such ideal printer in the market. Researchers were studying on this printer from long time and the trials were done on the milk jug which was made of High Density polyethylene plastic which was cleaned, cut in pieces and was transformed into a filament. These efforts are undertaken to make a green and more efficient energy sources and 3D Systems have been providing great solutions for all issues and they have been the energy producers and suppliers with the help of rapid prototyping, designing and additive manufacturing. Energy conservation cause is must for all as we all want to have a green and clean surrounding around us. Many energy conservation companies have installed the 3D printers in their office and house as they are ready to access the tools that save energy. To know more

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